1. A superb houseplant!
    Every flower form and color in the African Violet family is represented in this terrific mix!

If you love African Violets, the sheer variety of this mix will delight you! And if you've never tried this lovely houseplant before, Fantasy is the place to start! You'll get single-, semi-double-, and double-flowered blooms in all the bright jewel tones of the family, including bicolors! Blooms of deep purple, lilac, pink, rose, red, and white -- all with a tiny buttery center! -- top these neat, rosette-shaped 4-inch plants for a long-lasting display!
Blooming just 5 to 6 months from sowing, these 1 1/2- to 2-inch blooms arise in clusters above handsome, heavily textured dark green foliage. A favorite for its profuse bloom, lovely foliage, and ease of culture, the African Violet is one of the joys of indoor growing!

Sow the tiny seeds on top of moist growing medium (such as potting soil), keep moist, and provide plenty of light. A good choice for a bathroom with a bright window (it loves the humidity and needs the light!

50 seeds in Package